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of high technology, if you see your kids tweeting or texting on their smart phones or using their laptops, doctors have a warning. the american academy of pediatrics is including interpret use in the policy of limiting screen time to to hours a day. previously it referred only to television but new social media and watching movies and playing internet games cause problems such as obesity and lack of peace. doing online homework is the exception. >> that does not count in the time limit. >> my kids are were watching the tv shows on the computer, which is exactly the same thing. >> on mount tamalpais you can see the clouds are still creating one-hour flight arrival delays at sfo. can they squeeze out another shower toward halloween? i will have an update in the seven-day forecast. >> mike, thank you. the tributes in rebuilding a year after super storm sandy devastated the east coast. >> plus, the story that we were talking about, the bra that tweets an important message to women when it becomes unhooked >>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> t
at river gasoline -- glenn are upset. the technology room is not so advanced today. the computers on the on the dese older than the students. 31 new ipads and laptops were on champion station but over the weekend someone took them. >> my kid said, why would someone steal from kids? sad. sad. >> it is terrible. we spent last year fundraising. >> the 60 new laptops and 120 new ipads were behalf of the not enough to meet the deductible so replacements are not coming. 118 are left for 550 students. >> hundreds, maybe thousand thousands of work. it is devastating to the entire community that we lost this, it is a huge amount of money. >> carlos says this puts back the teachers' efforts to get them ready for the start of next year's testing. sometimes the hard lessons are not learned in class. >> we teach respect is because when they are out of our school and work in our part of the larger society they have to respect other people's property. this is an example of someone who didn't respect them as students or respect our school and they do not respect our property. >> the parent teache
in san diego tuesday after being pulled over for speeding on i-15. she is a technology developer and cited for driving too fast and wearing her google glass headset. she says that it is not illegal. a state ordinance bans viewing monitors in a field of vision but we do not know if it is covered. >> trick-or-treating weather is looking good. >> a lot of sunshine. people like the clouds and the cooler weather and that is in the forecast. i will show you something special on twitter. one of the treats for dealing with the wicked cold is you get to see this, the northern lights it is dancing through the sky and looks spectacular. you get an idea of how glorious it can be. radar satellite, live doppler 7 hd, showing the dry air and what it is doing in the high pressure with our winds variable and napa has a guest of 20 miles per hour but more an anomaly than anything else. we are in the upper 60's to low 50's but los gatos is the exception at 66. we will be ten degrees warmer than that in the next two or flee hours -- three hours. you can see how beautiful mount tamalpais is. it will
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3